McDonald Johnson adopts electronic conveyancing

The firm has joined a system which connects to an electronic network of banks, Land and Property Information, other lawyers and other industry participants involved in property transactions. This system now permits transactions to be completely conducted on an electronic platform to the extent that contracts and settlements can now be exchanged electronically.

Importantly for our clients, we can now lodge a Priority Notice on-line using PEXA.  This is a new property procedure introduced in New South Wales which enables a purchaser’s interest under an exchanged contract to be notified on title to protect their interests and preserve priority pending completion.  In addition, we are now able to lodge a Caveat on title for our clients instantaneously. This mitigates the risks associated with the delay sending hard copy Caveats to Sydney for lodgement in person.

This will ensure that our firm remains at the forefront of the technological frontier and continues to be well placed to provide the best possible service to clients in this field.

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