Parenting Consent Order

Have you and your former partner agreed on the future parenting arrangements? You don’t have to go to court. Instead, you can make a parenting plan or obtain consent orders approved by a court. We can help you with your parenting consent order. Call now to speak with an expert Newcastle family lawyer.

How to get a consent order

What are consent orders?

A consent order is a written agreement that is approved by a court. It can cover parenting and financial arrangements.

Who can apply for a consent order?

You can apply for a consent order if you’re a person who is concerned with the care, welfare and development of a child.

How can I apply for a consent order?

A consent order must be approved by a court. It’s a written agreement that covers important and detailed terms. So, it’s important that you find a Family Lawyer that can take care of it for you.

In fact, consent orders have the same legal effect as if they had been made after a court hearing. The Court must be satisfied that your requests are in the best interest of the child. This concept is at the forefront of Australian family law.

What does a consent order cover?

Do you need to sort out parenting arrangements? Or maybe the finances? (e.g. property and maintenance). A consent order can cover both. Speak with one of our Newcastle Family Lawyers to get the best advice.

What To Expect

Our family lawyers are experienced in obtaining consent orders for parenting and financial arrangements. This is how it works:

We can draft the Consent Orders, or we can negotiate with your ex-spouse’s legal representative to ensure that the proposed Orders accurately reflect the agreement reached.
Once all parties are content with the Orders an Application form is completed providing the Court with information about each party, your children and the proposed arrangements for their future care.
The Application and the Consent Orders are filed with the Court for consideration by a Registrar. If the Registrar approves the terms of the proposed Orders they will be sealed by the Court and become enforceable.

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