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insurance lawyers

Need to resolve an insurance dispute?

You’ve come to the right place. McDonald Johnson has a team of experienced insurance lawyers. Car, building, income protection, compulsory third party, disability insurance and more. Here’s a few common questions about our insurance and compensation law services.

Was your claim rejected? Benefits not paid in full? Maybe you’re just having difficulty with your insurer? It sounds like you might need legal advice. McDonald Johnson Lawyers can help.
We’ve got an experienced team of insurance law solicitors. It’s our mission to fight for our clients so they get what’s rightfully owed to them. This includes: illness, accident and unforeseen occurrence benefits.

Maybe you have a general insurance dispute? For example, a house insurance issue. Our insurance lawyers can help with flood, mould and building insurance disputes.

Was your claim knocked back? Did your insurer rely on the ‘small print’? It often comes as a surprise. But, this is why our clients rely on us for expert legal advice.

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Your rights under an insurance policy come from the Contract of Insurance itself. This includes the common law and relevant legislation.

We can help you understand the terms of an insurance policy and explain legal concepts such as exclusion clauses and disclaimers.

We are experienced in:

  • Superannuation and Disability Insurance Claims
  • Negligence Claims
  • Medical law
  • Compulsory Third Party Insurance and Claims
  • Workplace Compensation Insurance and Claims

Please contact our offices. Our insurance law experts will provide a simple and transparent explanation of our costs.

insurance lawyers

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