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Council Dispute Lawyers Newcastle

Council Dispute Lawyers Newcastle

Need to resolve a dispute?

Are you searching for an experienced law firm to obtain a planning approval for a large-scale development? Maybe it’s in an established area that’s primed for growth?

McDonald Johnson Lawyers can help developers of residential, commercial and retail projects. We also understand that planning issues have the potential to derail a project. That’s why it’s essential that you deal with a planning and environment lawyer that’s been around the block a few times.

What are our areas of expertise? Large scale developments (e.g. high density residential or shopping centres), shopping centres, redevelopment of heritage affected sites, and anything in between.

We also work hard to get you results quickly. After all, we understand the financial implications of delays and set backs. If you’re looking for an approachable, practical and commercially-minded law firm – you’re in the right place. Contact our council dispute lawyers in Newcastle to learn more about how we can help you.

Here's how we help property developers

There’s a long list of legal services we provide in the area of planning law and local government.

First, negotiating with council and all government bodies. We also respond to unsatisfactory development conditions or refusals. Sometimes we’ll advise objectors and Resident Groups. And finally, we’re experienced in assisting our clients with notices and demands from Council.

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What are the key pieces of legislation concerning development, planning and environmental matters?

We’ve advised high profile industrial and property development groups, and state government authorities. The relevant legislation includes the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and numerous pieces of environmental legislation.

We have also advised numerous government and private-sector clients concerning the Protection of the Environment Operations Act and Contaminated Land Management Act.

McDonald Johnson Lawyers has also been involved in a number of court actions involving those Acts.

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