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We’re dedicated to providing the best legal advice. When you contact McDonald Johnson Lawyers, you’ll deal with a law firm that’s been around for awhile. How long? Since 1916. That means we have over 100 years of legacy. And, we’re proud of it too.

What matters do we focus on? Property law, commercial, family, wills & estates, civil litigation, planning law & local government, building & construction, insurance, liquor licensing and employment. You’ll be dealing with a versatile and well-equipped law firm. Many of our clients have been with us for most of their adult lives.

So, how can you get started? Submit an online enquiry or simply call the office. We look forward to meeting you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See our services page for a full listing.

We have a team of lawyers with a wealth of experience in a vast array of practice areas and jurisdictions. We “stick to our knitting” and do what we know well. There are some areas of law that we do not practice. But, we have great connections with the right people.

Give our friendly receptionist a call on 4926 1944 and we can connect you with the most appropriate lawyer for your legal issue.

We offer fixed fees for some matters and will be able to discuss the cost with you when you contact one of our experienced lawyers.

Where a fixed fee is not appropriate, we will charge you for the time we spend on your matter and give you plenty of notice of the likely cost. For significant matters, we will provide you with a Costs Agreement that contains an estimate of our fees and will keep you informed as the matter progresses.

Check out our team profiles.

If you are not sure what type of legal matter you have, simply give us a call on 4926 1944 and we can help put you in touch with the best lawyer for the job.

It depends on what type of matter you have. We may be able to offer a no win, no fee arrangement. Get in touch with our office and we can discuss whether your matter is suitable for this type of fee arrangement.

We know the law and pride ourselves on being practical lawyers. We will not tell you to fight when you have a hopeless case. We will not tell you to fold when you are onto a winner. We will let you know all of your options and work towards the outcome that you desire.

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