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commercial lawyers newcastle

Common questions about our commercial law services in Newcastle

commercial lawyers newcastle

100%. In fact, we are a full service commercial law firm. By this, we mean that we can provide advice and services for all aspects of commercial law. We draft and adapt general business and commercial documents including terms and conditions, warranties and disclaimers. We keep abreast of developments in case law and ensure that our documents are updated and adapted appropriately. Our documents protect the rights and minimise the liability of our clients.

We have an extensive range of “user friendly” precedents which can be easily understood and accessed. These precedents often form the basis of specific documentation which we are called upon to draft and negotiate in order to reflect and record agreements made by our clients in varying forms. We are often called upon to prepare Discretionary Trust Deeds, Partnership Agreements, Unit Trust or Hybrid Trust Deeds, Joint Venture documentation, Development Agreements, Distribution Agreements and Engagement Contracts.

Not at all! Our lawyers have expertise in trust law, corporations law and contract law and will use other experts when required.

Yes, we’re quite resourceful. As advisers to many self-made and successful business people, we make sure that the best lawyer for the task does the work.  We are large enough to have developed expertise in diverse areas of the law.

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