Projects and Developments

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McDonald Johnson Lawyers has an established Projects and Developments practice.

Our Projects and Developments Team has three Partners supported by an experienced team of Lawyers (including two property law accredited specialists), Paralegals and Administrative Staff.

Our Lawyers have significant and recent experience acting for prominent property developers working on large scale developments in Newcastle. 

Examples of recent experience include:

AERO Apartments, a single strata mixed-use development comprising 44 residential lots with commercial lots

Mixed-use development  comprising 65 residential strata lots, commercial stratum, retail stratum and shared services

  • Herald Apartments, a large multi strata mixed-use development comprising 119 residential lots with commercial/retail lots and shared services
  • Mixed-use development  comprising 200 residential lots, stratum and strata subdivision
  • Large residential apartment development  comprising 100 residential lots

49 residential lot development

Why Choose Us?


Our team has the necessary paralegal, administrative and IT support to deliver cost efficient legal services for major projects and developments and to work with clients and stakeholders to meet project objectives.

Professional Advice

We assist by working with clients and their project consultants and by providing legal master planning advice in the early stages of the project.

The Best Documents

Our documents, including off-the-plan contracts, management statements, by-laws and easements are tailored to the client’s specific project, are ‘bankable’ and comply with recent changes in legislation.


During the sales phase of the project, we commit to ensuring contracts are issued and exchanges are achieved without delay. We have developed systems and relationships with agents to ensure the exchange process is streamlined and efficient.

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