McDonald Johnson has invested significant resources to ensure we have the most up-to-date technology.  Our clients benefit from this investment as we are able to provide fast and accurate service.

Our remote access systems ensure our Lawyers can access network and email servers at any time from any location. Our high speed internet connection and local area networks provide us with integrated communications both within the office and with our clients, several of whom are international.

Our technology enables us to stamp documents online in our office on behalf of the Office of State Revenue, obtain searches, data and documents online from the Department of Land & Property Information (NSW) and from other government agencies such as the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

legal-technologyWe utilise digital technology which enables us to maximise productivity and minimise costs.  Our CRM (client relationship management) system enables us to co-ordinate and manage our contacts, referrers and information effectively and with ease and we utilise our industry’s leading financial and accounting software to ensure accurate and secure accounting and storage of information.