McDonald Johnson’s litigation lawyers advise and act for clients who wish to exercise or enforce their legal rights or wish to defend claims made against them.

It is the firm’s experience that legal proceedings can be costly, protracted and disruptive to business, and that people can become part of a process in which they have little control.  McDonald Johnson gives timely, practical and accurate advice to assist clients litigate, manage the situation or achieve acceptable outcomes when wishing to exercise or enforce legal rights or defend claims made against them.

We encourage the resolution of disputes by communication at all stages and by the early implementation of mediation without compromising the strengths of the case.

Our lawyers pro-actively react and communicate with clients to keep them informed of all developments and likely outcomes.

We have the following resources in this area:

  • An arbitrator of the Local Court
  • A specialist in commercial litigation
  • Skilled lawyers who have conducted litigation in most Courts, including the High Court of Australia.

If you need advice concerning a statement of claim, a summons, how to prepare or challenge a defence or how to prepare affidavits needed in litigation then you should contact McDonald Johnson Lawyers.