Building and Construction

Many of our clients are engaged in commercial, residential or industrial building and construction projects, and we are able to assist them by providing advice at all stages of the construction process to ensure that they are able to minimise risk and fulfil their commercial objectives.

We understand the importance of providing quick and practical advice to our clients, and are able to assist them in relation to matters including:

  • Drafting Building Contracts
  • Ensuring that Building Contracts adequately protect their rights and consider matters such as the securities to be provided by the builder, retentions, liquidated damages, defects liability periods, practical completion and PC allowances.
  • Providing advice on the terms and conditions of Building Contracts and Contract negotiations
  • Assisting with the administration and implementation of Building Contracts
  • Providing advice concerning the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act
  • Providing advice concerning Development Consent, Construction Certificate and Occupation Certificate issues, and
  • Dispute resolution through litigation, arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution techniques.