McDonald Johnson Lawyers – Welcome

Our firm was first established in 1916 and is a medium sized progressive law firm.  The firm’s position can be attributed to the company’s original values of being totally client focused, professional, approachable and most importantly, capable.

Our lawyers practice mainly in the areas of family law, dispute litigation, conveyancing and property transactions. We offer a comprehensive range of legal services.

Our lawyers come from a broad range of qualifications and experience.  Engaging the services of a lawyer can often be painful and stressful and we aim to be approachable, to listen and to act properly.   

Property and Commercial Law

Our solicitors are recognised as accredited specialists in Property Law and Business Law by the Law Society of NSW.

We act in all types of property transactions and conducts approximately 1,500 property transaction and more than 100 leasing matters per annum.  The examples of legal work we undertake includes:

  • Property transactions including all forms of conveyancing (acquisitions and disposals), Put and Call Options and property transfers;
  • Leases (commercial, residential and retail);
  • Leasing disputes and litigation in all levels of ADR, Tribunal and Court jurisdictions in NSW;
  • Drafting Section 88B Instruments, by-laws and variations thereof;
  • Environmental planning and assessment; and
  • Environmental planning and assessment disputes and litigation including in the Land and Environment Court.

The firm also has a broad base clientele in commercial and corporate law.  We have experienced ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ specialist solicitors who are able to assist with all commercial law matters. The Practice’s Principal, Craig Doyle is one of three Accredited Commercial Litigation Specialists in Newcastle.

We can assist with the following matters:

  • Contract preparation, negotiation and review;
  • Employment matters;
  • Consumer matters;
  • Procurement and hiring practices; and
  • Corporate Governance, regulatory and internal systems.
  • Water access licences and licences over real property.
  • Corporate and commercial advice and assistance and procurement  with strategic planning and structuring.
  • Assistance with legal strategies touching or concerning reputational management.
  • Tenders for the sale of property (commercial and residential).
  • Development agreements, construction agreements, partnership agreements, joint ventures and co-owners’ agreements.
  • Changes to title, boundaries, easements and various other restrictions.


Family Law and Civil Litigation

Our family lawyers in Newcastle can provide a fully rounded service designed to meet the needs of our clients in relation to disputes concerning both the care of children and property. We are able to assist with matters concerning:

  • Parenting matters;
  • Property Settlement;
  • Spousal Maintenance;
  • Divorce;
  • Child Support;
  • Binding Financial Agreements; and
  • De Facto Relationships

As family lawyers in Newcastle NSW, we appreciate that you want what is rightfully yours and that you also want to protect the interests of your loved ones. We appreciate that separation and divorce is never an easy time for anyone. Our family law solicitors in Newcastle will work in a thoughtful and understanding manner whilst all ensuring that your interests are looked after.

Our lawyers have an up to date understanding of the current legal landscape and can expertly advise you as to your entitlements in both children’s and property matters. We appreciate that everyone’s situation is unique.

Our civil litigation lawyers have experience in all jurisdictions from NCAT to the High Court of Australia and can assist you with your civil or commercial dispute with matters concerning but not limited to:

  • Debt recovery;
  • Contractual disputes;
  • Building and construction;
  • Estate litigation;
  • Insurance disputes

Legal proceedings can be costly, protracted and disruptive to business, and that people can become part of a process in which they have little control.  Our lawyers give timely, practical and accurate advice to assist clients litigate, manage the situation or achieve acceptable outcomes when wishing to exercise or enforce legal rights or defend claims made against them.


We encourage the resolution of disputes by communication at all stages and by the early implementation of mediation without compromising the strengths of the case.

By engaging McDonald Johnson Lawyers you create a relationship for life with lawyers who are there to advise you at all times.

If you would like more information call us on (02) 4926 1944, email us on or visit our office at Coal Street Chambers, 14 Watt Street, Newcastle NSW. Alternatively, you can contact us via our website and one of our approachable and friendly team will get back to you with a prompt response.


Please call our Newcastle lawyers on (02) 4926 1944 to discuss your needs with McDonald Johnson Lawyers in more detail.  Our team look forward to helping you. Newcastle-Lawyer-Mcdonald-Johnson